1. Costs for Tracing in Zimbabwe 

We provide a bespoke competitive fixed price for Zimbabwe skip tracing services.  
Please contact us for an immediate quote. 

2. Coverage in Zimbabwe 

Zimbabwe is divided into 12 provinces with the capital and most populous being Harare. Our local agent is in Harare where we provide skip tracing and private investigation services throughout all of Zimbabwe. 

3. What information is needed to start a trace? 

Please provide all available information including their Full Name and Last Known Address along with all additional information such as Date of Bith (DOB) or Estimated Age along with the reason for the trace. 
Search a country below for skip tracing: 

How to Instruct Us 

We simply require the following details: 
Full name & last known address of the person(s) 
Reason for the trace 
Any additional information such as DOB or Estimated Age, Nationality, etc 
Or ask us to call you – just leave us your details: 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

With data protection laws being more stringent and regulated it is very important that Creditreform adheres to these rules and laws and therefore our clients have to have provide a valid reason for us to undertake an Zimbabwe Skip Trace on an individual and where applicable that individual has a right not have their current residence disclosed to a third party. 
We undertake strict pre Zimbabwe skip trace checks to ensure the following: 
There is a legitimate interest behind the Zimbabwe skip trace request 
The processing undertaken is necessary to fulfil the Zimbabwe skip trace agency requirements 
The legitimate interest of the instructing party overrides the rights, freedoms and interest of the individual being traced. 
For further details on the above services or for pricing information, please contact us by email at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 121 442 5330
All tracing instructions are accepted on the basis you have sufficient reason, authority or permission to access the individual's personal file. 

Zimbabwe Skip Tracing Coverage 

Zimbabwe is divided into 12 provinces. Our local Zimbabwe skip tracing partner is based in Harare with local Zimbabwe private investigators in every major city enabling us to trace people throughout all of Zimbabwe including the following: 
Harare Skip Tracing Agency 
Bulawayo Skip Tracing Agency 
Chitungwiza Skip Tracing Agency 
Mutare Skip Tracing Agency 
Gweru Skip Tracing Agency 

Local Tracing Agents in Zimbabwe 

Unlike many of Creditreform’s competitors all cases are handled by the local Zimbabwe skip tracing office or local Zimbabwe Skip Tracing Agency partner. The reasons for this are they speak the local language, in this case Shona is spoken by over 98% of the population. They understand the local cultures and know all the legal processes. Using the local Zimbabwe skip tracing agent enables us to achieve a far greater Zimbabwe skip trace success rate. 

Zimbabwe People Tracing Service Success Fee 

Creditreform’s local Zimbabwe skip tracing agency partners are skilled Zimbabwe tracing agents who use various methods to find a person. Their person finding methods are tried and tested. Using a large number of Zimbabwe databases, background checks and resources to find a person our expert Zimbabwe detective agents achieve excellent positive results. We have an extremely high success rate for person tracing, locating debtor tracing, missing persons, absconding tenants and missing family or friends in Zimbabwe. 

Zimbabwe People Tracing Service Processes 

Due to GDPR all Zimbabwe skip tracing service instructions must be received in writing via email, post or fax. Upon receipt of your instruction our expert Zimbabwe skip tracing agent will commence the trace process immediately and return results by email upon completion. You will be notified of any issues or problems Creditreform and the local Zimbabwe skip tracing agency experts may have during the tracing process. 

Reasons for Zimbabwe People Tracing Service Requirements 

Zimbabwe has a population in excess of 15.121 million people. It covers an area in excess of 150,872 sq. miles. There are many reasons why you may need to use our tracing service. 
These reasons include locating: 
Zimbabwe Debtor Tracing 
Zimbabwe Witness Tracing 
Zimbabwe Inheritance Beneficiaries and Heirs Tracing 
Tracing Partners in Zimbabwe for Divorce Proceedings 
Zimbabwe Long Lost Relatives Tracing 
There are around 6,100 people of British ancestry residing in Zimbabwe and our expert Zimbabwe people tracing service agents locate beneficiaries, heirs and executors who have left the UK. These are just a few reasons why our clients use our Zimbabwe People Finding Services. Our success rate speaks for itself and ensures these clients return time and time again. 

Zimbabwe Debt Collection Agency 

Once we have located your debtor in Zimbabwe, Creditreform together with our expert international debt collection agency partners can help you with recovering the debt. Debts are handled directly by our local Zimbabwe debt collection agency partners and not from debt collection agents UK. Creditreform’s No Win No Fee service together with our competitive commission rates against monies recovered always ensures you get the best service. 

Zimbabwe Skip Tracing 

Zimbabwe Skip Tracing is the same as our Skip Tracing UK services where we have specialist Skip Tracing Service UK agents. Naturally, the Zimbabwe Skip Tracing agents, as with all our international tracing agents, have similar tools and products at their disposal but Zimbabwe Skip Tracing does differ slightly due to the regulations and laws there. Skip Tracing is a specialist tracing service to predominately locate and find absconded debtors who move from country to country to avoid being found. Using their skills the Zimbabwe tracing agents can also provide an address tracing service to locate where businesses and individuals have moved to. All Zimbabwe skip tracing is undertaken by our sister company CCS Nationwide Ltd. 

Zimbabwe Process Serving 

Creditreform has specialist Zimbabwe process server agents and other document servers who are able to serve any legal or any other documents throughout Zimbabwe. Our specialist Zimbabwe process server agents and process server partners are also able to provide an Zimbabwe surveillance service where required. Besides undertaking process serving Creditreform and its specialist Zimbabwe process server agents will also undertake employment traces. We have agents that will serve documents in all Zimbabwe cities including: 
Harare Process Serving 
Bulawayo Process Serving 
Chitungwiza Process Serving 
Mutare Process Serving 
Gweru Process Serving 

Zimbabwe Private Investigator 

Our Zimbabwe private investigators also known as Zimbabwe Private Detectives will undertake any specialist service required whether it is a corporate instruction or a private instruction they are always on hand to take on these tasks where required. Zimbabwe Private Detectives will also provide an Zimbabwe process serving and Zimbabwe document serving service.  

Zimbabwe Company Registry Search 

Through our local Zimbabwe partner we can provide update Zimbabwe Business Credit reports on all companies and businesses in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe partner will undertake Zimbabwe company registry searches and use their unique investigation techniques to provide the best possible company credit reports. Besides Zimbabwe business credit reports the Zimbabwe partner also provide Zimbabwe Background Checks on individuals and businesses alike. 

Zimbabwe Skip Tracing FAQs 

1. What is the cost to find a person in Zimbabwe? 

A competitive fixed price will be given depending on the client’s requirements. 

2. What information is needed to start a Zimbabwe Skip Trace?  

Please provide all available information on the subject you want to trace including their Full Name and Last Known Address along with all additional information such as DOB or Estimated Age, Reason for Trace, etc. 

3. How long does it take to find a person in Zimbabwe? 

Times taken to locate an individual will vary depending on the information provided. We will give estimated time frame for each case before you decide to proceed. 

4. Do I need to pay upfront for a Zimbabwe Skip Trace? 

Yes, we require upfront payment for all international skip traces. We accept payment by bank transfer, debit/credit card or paypal. 

5. What is the success rate for finding people in Zimbabwe? 

The success rate varies and is dependant on the age and detailed information provided. 

6. What methods are used to locate people in Zimbabwe? 

All available sources are used to locate individuals including public and private records. 

7. How do I instruct you to do a Zimbabwe skip trace? 

The easiest way to instruct us is by email with all available information on the subject(s) you would like to trace. 

8. Is the fee still chargeable if the trace is negative? 

Yes, the fee is still chargeable. In some instances we may be able to offer a no find no fee service but this will depend on each case which and confirmation will be provided beforehand. 

9. What information is included in the Zimbabwe skip trace report? 

The report will include their current address (when located) along with all available information we are able to find / disclose during the investigation process. If you have any special requests please inform us beforehand and we will endeavour to include the details in the report. 
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