What does a private investigator / private detective do? 

A private investigator also known as a private detective is employed or contracted by an individual or business to undertake various investigative services. The majority of private investigators and private detectives are regulated by various associations and rules within the country they are operating. Many countries require private investigators and private detectives to hold licences to undertake their activities. 
The services private investigators and private detectives under take vary considerably depending on the requirements of their clients. These services include: 
1. Background checks on employees and employers 
This will include employment history, criminal records, validation of qualifications, residency and financial standing. 
2. Fraudulent claims 
Investigating claims made by individuals and businesses predominately on behalf of insurance companies and law firms. These investigations are made to establish whether or not the claims are genuine or fraudulent. 

How to Instruct Us 

We simply require the following details: 
Full name & address of the person you would like to trace 
Any additional contact details / background for this person, i.e. Tel / Mobile / Email(s) 
Reason for the trace 
Or ask us to call you – just leave us your details: 
3. Tracing Services 
These services include finding missing people who have just disappeared and left now forwarding address. People who need to be traced are beneficiaries, absconded debtors, loved ones or long lost friends. 
4. Process Serving 
This service includes serving legal documents such as divorce papers, court documents statutory demands plus various others documents. 
5. Surveillance 
This specialised field or service involves various techniques, equipment and man power. It is used for many reasons and operations including fraudulent accident claims, employment issues and matrimonial problems. Clients will include law firms, insurance companies, corporations and business plus private individuals. 
There are no educational qualifications required to become a private investigator or private detective but many are from a police background where they have achieved their expertise. In the main private investigators and private detectives operate alone but in surveillance there will be normally a number of agents working on a specific case is it entails multiple locations and movements. 
In general private investigators and private detectives will operate on a hourly or daily fee depending on the nature of the case and service required. Charges will also include expenses such as mileage or out of pocket costs where applicable. 
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