What are charges for reports? 

Report prices vary from country to country and dependent on volumes and usage. Please contact us for the best quote. 

Do we need to enter into a contract? 

We do not require any contracts to be signed and do not charge membership or subscription fees. You will only be charged for reports purchased. 

What countries do you cover? 

We provide a global service in all countries and territories worldwide. 

Do you provide Consumer reports? 

We provide a specialist consumer report service for certain countries. Please contact us for further details. 

How often are your reports updated? 

Our reports are constantly updated on a daily basis ensuring you receive the most up to date information available. 

What sources do you use to obtain the information? 

We obtain all registered data from the local registries, public records including negative details, news and media information plus direct interviews. We have thousands of staff collecting and analysing the data on a daily basis. 

What sets Creditreform apart from its competitors? 

We have a physical presence in 21 European countries plus China and Turkey and fully approved partners and associates in all other countries. 

How do we order reports? 

You can order instant online and offline reports through our login process on the website or alternatively you can email your requests to us. 

What is the difference between online and offline reports? 

Online reports are instantly available from the login process in 29 European countries and offline reports are available in all other countries and can be ordered via the login process or by email. 

How long does it take to receive a report? 

Online reports are instantly available. Offline reports vary from country to country. Please contact us for further details 

What content is in the report? 

The content varies from country to country depending on what information is required to be filed by the Country’s Registry. Our reports will contain all information available publicly plus details obtained from our own investigations. Every report will contain a credit rating and score. Please contact us for samples from any country you are interested in. 
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