“The Business Credit Management Assn evaluated and have partnered with Creditreform since January 2015. Our extensive list of contacts who manage and coordinate their companies international sales quickly embraced the use of and confidence in Creditreform’s business credit report information. As a proud and perhaps one of the first US based distributors of Creditreform, BCMA-WI guides its clients to choose Creditreform information to determine their clients credit worthiness or to use it’s information when obtaining credit insurance for their global sales activity. As the Business Credit Management Assn, WI is the go to place for International Credit Executives, Creditreform is the go to place for what we feel is the best worldwide information source available today.” 
– Darryl, Wisconsin Credit Association 
“Phil Hemmings and Creditreform are friendly and professional. They also support Edward’s Trust as part of their community responsibility . I can’t recommend them highly enough.” 
– Richard, Edward’s Trust 
"It is very smooth and easy to use Creditreform collection service for our international debt. They keep the University updated on all collection activity and we would recommend Creditreform to other higher education institutions.” 
– Amanda, University of Sussex 
“I have been using CreditReform’s services for over 7 years. The report system is simple to use and covers nearly all Limited companies in the UK, which I can pull down almost instantaneously. 
The report provide the accounts information, comments on expectational items, credit limit recommendation and most importantly the Solvency Index, which is in reality a probability of Default used by banks under Basel requirements, so is the finance industry’s normal measure of credit risk. 
Sole Trader and Partnerships can be requested and normally report is within 5 days, subject to contact availability of the customer. 
If you are expanding across Europe then you will also have availability to multiple country capability so a useful one stop if you have the occasional deal abroad. 
Finally all the staff have be really helpful on any questions and rushing important deals through the system when requested. 
Thanks for your support.” 
– Sasha, Private Client 
“Our company has been using Creditreform for a number of years. Any time we need credit reports for anyone outside of the United States we use their services. They are very quick to respond and their prices are reasonable. We have always been incredibly helpful and provide useful information that helps us make better business decisions.” 
– Brandon, Taylor Guitars 
“Efficient, organised and effective I am very happy with the results that Creditreform have secured so far in my recent dealings with them. 
I find all the staff that I have dealings with come back to me in a timely manner and are very clear in all their calls and correspondence to me. They treat the debtors firmly but professionally and courteously and enjoy a good measure of success with problem debt.” 
– Jeremy, Gasway Services Ltd 
“Very professional service, and accurate details in credit reporting!” 
– Christophe, Cristal Credit International 
– Asiya, Creditreform Turkey 
“Quality and service, to me are the key elements of a good partner in the credit information industry and this is clearly offered by Creditreform (UK) Limited. Apart from that ‘doing business’ with amicable people is enjoyable. In all these years, have never been disappointed!” 
– William, Creditreform China 
“Creditreform Ltd provide a great 1st class service and can save you a significant amount of money, with their personal service, speed and expertise in resolving issues. They should be your 1st point of call!” 
– Lizzy, Release Your Potential 
“Absolutely fantastic service. Professional and results driven. Easy to deal with from start to finish.” 
– Sarah, AdGiftsOnline 
“Professional service along with fantastic staff. Highly recommended.” 
– Shae, Private Client 
“I would highly recommend the services of Phil and his team at Creditreform. Excellent customer service and highly professional at providing an invaluable service for businesses of all sizes.” 
– Gary, Physio 206 
“Very fast service!” 
– Saulius, UAB “Creditreform Lietuva" 
“Creditreform (UK) Ltd have been providing excellent services to my employer (a large interior design practice with headquarters in London) for several years now. When we need to carry out due diligence credit/history checks on third parties, the reports that they provide have the detail that we need to make informed decisions before committing. They provide reports for all the territories that we require (including among others China, Taiwan, Russia, Japan) provided you can supply some basic initial information for them to go on – reports tend to arrive either immediately if possible or within a week or two if they need to work with overseas partners. Their customer service is excellent and the prices fair. I would not hesitate to personally recommend them.” 
– Ryan, GA Group 
“Creditreform UK is our main credit report supplier through the last 4 years. Guys are very flexible, providing useful information on time and simple way.” 
– Vahan, Export Insurance Agency of Armenia ICJSC 
“They could not help more, really proactive and thinking outside the box to offer support and advice where needed, while dealing with potentially sensitive situations. Highly recommended for anyone requiring debt collection advice” 
– Chris, Penguin Office Supplies 
– Lizette, Maris IT 
“Thanks to Phil’s help and advice, I managed to resolve an on-going issue with a client who owed me a large amount of money for several months. I would highly recommend Creditreform for their prompt and efficient service, and their sensitive handling of this matter.” 
– Vicky, Tabby Tiger 
“Phil and his team at Creditreform are always prompt, helpful and can sort issues out when required. Their knowledge of the debt recovery market is second to none so I won’t hesitate to use them again if required.” 
– Michael, Future Perfect Financial Solutions 
“Reliable reports and information. Expert staff.” 
– Wo, Creditreform Luxembourg 
– Silvia, Axesor 
Very reliable company managed by an experienced team of professionals. Highly recommended!” 
– Mr. Najam, Private Client 
“I’ve used this company for international debt collection and I must say quite impressed by Phil and his team. Keep up the good work.” 
– Imran, NASHiCs 
“An excellent company providing a first class service, prompt and reliable – no request is too much.” 
– Gary, Tickle Hall Cross Solicitors 
"I highly recommend Creditreform for debt recovery.” 
– Christina, Prime Mix Marketing 
– Gail, Wisconsin Credit Association 
“I have the upmost confidence that Credit Reform will treat all their clients in a confidential and professional manner , whilst still getting the results you want . I have only ever heard positive feedback from people that I have referred to them” 
– John, AFH Wealth Management 
“Great guys, very friendly with ace customer service!” 
– Tom, P3K Limited 
“Excellent company! Current, accurate and comprehensive business credit reports delivered in a timely manner makes Creditreform an industry leader!” 
– William, Commercial Credit Information Corp 
“Creditreform UK is a good customer, with a very professional and friendly team.” 
– Jean, Cristal Credit International 
“Top firm – no nonsense very friendly approach. Sensible and professional advice always provided with regular updates on collection process.“ 
– Graham, Godfrey Mansell & Co 
” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” 
– Peter, Mount Street Printers 
“It has been a pleasure getting to know Phil over the last 2 years. He is one of the most reliable people I know and always willing to offer help and advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Phil and Creditreform if you have outstanding debts to be collected.” 
– Dawn, The Biz Links 
” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” 
– Krystian, Creditreform Poland 
“Highly recommend the team at Creditreform, very professional and great track record for delivering results.” 
“Creditreform (UK) Limited always give excellent support and amazingly effective advice.” 
– Les, 101 SystemWorks Ltd 
” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” 
– Janet, Euler Hermes 
“Great guys, I always recommend them when people I know need a great company because of bad paying customers.” 
– Jason, Camelott Digital Ltd 
“Great services and excellent communication. Highly recommend!” 
– Andreea, Creditreform Romania 
“Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.” 
– Jodi, Triton Telecom Ltd 
“We are very pleased with all aspects of our relationship with Creditreform UK Limited. Their freshly developed reports on businesses around the world are timely, accurate and very useful in helping to determine the credit worthiness of the customer.” 
– Diana, Wisconsin Credit Association 
“Phil, Sean and the team have fantastic knowledge and are a real breath of fresh air when it comes to chasing money. I have received lots of great help and advice from them- Highly recommended!” 
– Darren, Dpix Creative 
“Brilliant service for obtaining owed monies in any payment dispute.” 
– Rosalie, One Off Interiors 
“The company is a great information partner.” 
– Jūratė, UAB “Creditreform Lietuva” 
– Maria, Ashleigh & Burwood 
“I use Creditreform on a regular basis as part of my employment and I always find them to be efficient, courteous and very helpful. I feel that I can rely on them.” 
– Justine, Tickle Hall Cross Solicitors 
“I came to these guys after another agency struggled to get an outcome (and wanted to charge me an arm and a leg). A pleasure to deal with, no need follow up and got the job done in an affordable and appropriate manner. Highly recommend!” 
– Anton, Private Client 
“Highly recommended company, they are extremely professional in their approach and get results.” 
– Louise, Retail Merchant Services 
“Professional credit reporting company and debt collection company!” 
– Jack, KNT Credit Services 
“Creditreform has done an outstanding job meeting our credit report needs! Very fast, efficient, accurate and great pricing! We need credit reports that provide accurate, meaningful information that will give underwriters the confidence they need to make significant financial decisions – Creditreform achieves this for us!” 
– Brent, Navitrade 
“Very professional. Valuable partners.” 
– Apostolos, QDB 
“Very professional service, and accurate details in credit reporting!” 
– Lika, Cristal Credit Africa 
“Outstanding! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” 
– Ratislav, Creditreform Italy 
“A good knowledgeable and organized team a delight to work with!” 
– Diaa, Infotech Egypt 
“They are an awesome team of people. Very kind, helpful and really know what they are doing. They are what Customer Service should always be. Product is on time or early which is rare.” 
– Chrys, Wisconsin Credit Association 
– Christine, LCI 
“Very good service for getting outstanding money from people. Worth the commission, so you get most of the money owed to you, they seem to be able to get the money owed when we tried.” 
– Graham, Private Client 
“Accurate and detailed reports containing up to date information. Superior business intelligence.” 
– Frank, PacBIS 
“Excellent service and good quality business information.” 
– Ludwina, Marsh Trade Insure 
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