1. UK Business Credit Reports 

We provide quality business credit reports for all countries worldwide. The reports contain all available upto date information. Creditreform provide risk analysis reports to the major financial institutions and banks. This means you can trade with confidence. 

2. Credit Report Types 

We provide both Online reports as well as freshly investigated reports on all UK companies covering all 4 million registered companies and 3.8 million sole proprietors / partnerships. International reports are also available covering ALL countries worldwide. 

3. International Business Credit Reports 

We have Creditreform credit reporting offices throughout Europe, Turkey and China with fully approved international business reporting partners worldwide compiling upto date information daily. Creditreform provide risk analysis reports to the major financial institutions and banks across Europe. This means you can trade with confidence. 

4. No Contractual Commitment 

Here at Creditreform we do not require any membership, subscription or contractual commitment to obtain our UK business credit reports. This also applies to our International business credit reports. 
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The sample report shows the layout, data included and our credit assessment. 
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United Kingdom Credit Business Report Services 

Creditreform operates a global specialist international business credit report service. We have local offices and fully approved expert international Risk analysis experts in every country worldwide. This enables us to provide expert upto date business credit report information on businesses anywhere in the world 
Main reasons why our business credit reports are so important they enable clients to trade with confidence. 
The local Business Credit Report Partners are able to: 
Assess local businesses trading activities 
update information immediately there are any changes 
Know and understand the local economies 
Are in the same time zones 
Herewith details of our business credit reporting service United Kingdom 

Location of Business Credit reporting office in United Kingdom? 

Tyseley, Birmingham 

Number of business credit reporting staff? 

Over 4,500 in the group 

How long have you been operating a business credit reporting service in United Kingdom? 


What type of business credit reports do you provide: 

1. Corporate business credit reports online and offline 
Both Online and Offline Credit Reports 
2. Non registered business credit reports online and offline 
Offline Bespoke Credit Reports 
3. Bespoke investigated business credit reports 
We provide Enhanced Offline Investigated Registered Company Credit Reports and Bespoke Investigated Non Registered Business Credit Reports 

Number of registered companies in United Kingdom? 

Over 4,000,000 

Number of non registered businesses in United Kingdom 

Over 3.8 million 

What are the delivery times in United Kingdom? 

Instant Online business credit report - Yes for registered companies only 
Flash business credit report - Business credit reports are supplied within 8 working hours 
Express business credit report - Business credit reports are supplied within 48 hours 
Normal business credit report - Business credit reports are supplied within 3 working days 

How many company registries are there in the United Kingdom for businesses 

There is one Registry Companies House which has 4 offices located in Cardiff, London, Edinburgh and Belfast. 

What content is available in United Kingdom: 

a) Financial Accounts 
There are various financial accounts filing requirements depending on size and legal status: 
1. Micro Companies. To qualify for this the Micro Companies must meet at least two of the following three size requirements: Turnover less than £633,000, Total Balance Sheet Assets less than £317,000 and/or 10 staff or less. These companies only have to submit a simple one page balance sheet and foot notes. 
2. Small Companies. To qualify for this Small Companies must meet at least to of the following size requirements: Turnover nor more than £10.2 million, Total Balance Sheet Assets nor more than £5.1 million and/or nor more than 50 staff. These companies have to submit a modified balance sheet and notes to the accounts. 
3. Medium Sized Companies. To qualify for this Medium Sized Companies must meet at least two of the following size requirements: Turnover nor more than £36 million, Total Balance Sheet Assets nor more than £18 million and/or no more than 250 staff. These companies must submit a modified Profit and Loss Account, Full Balance Sheet and notes to the accounts. 
4. Large companies. Companies that do not meet any of the above requirements have to submit full audited accounts including Profit and loss account and full balance sheets. 
5. Consolidated Accounts. Group companies that include multiple companies/subsidiaries submit consolidated accounts that include full group profit and loss account, group balance sheet plus company balance sheet. 
b) Shareholder/ownership details 
Registered companies provide a Confirmation Statement which includes a list of People with Significant Control (PSCs). Basically, a PSC is as an individual who: 
Holds more than 25% of the company’s shares 
Holds more than 25% of the company’s voting rights 
Has the power to appoint or terminate a majority of the company’s board 
Has the right to exercise or actually exercise significant influence or control over the company 
Has the right to exercise or actually exercise significant influence or control over a trust or a firm that is not a legal entity which itself satisfies any of the first four conditions 
c) Management information 
Registered companies submit a Confirmation Statement which includes the appointed directors and Registered Office / Service Address. 

Do Business Credit reports contain negative information: 

All credit reports include the following negative information: 
Late payments / Default data 
Any CCJs (County Court Judgments) or bankruptcy and insolvency 
Late filing of accounts and statutory documentation at Companies House 
High levels of debt 

Any other relevant negative data? 

Director checks are made to identify associations with dissolved and weak companies which can affect the company’s credit rating. 

Do you provide monitoring services for all business credit reports obtained and what information changes are flagged? 

Negative data 
Address/ Contact details 
Ownership changes 
Changes in the credit rating and solvency score 

Do you provide consumer credit reports? 

We only provide commercial reports including sole traders and partnerships. 
Do you provide marketing data? 
Yes through our trading partners. 

Please provide any other relevant details about your business credit reporting services: 

All our business credit reports meet the very high standards required by the Creditreform International Group requirements 

Specialist Business Credit Report Experts 

There are many unique requirements to providing international business credit reports in all countries including United Kingdom business credit reporting services which differ from the UK business credit report services. Therefore it is very important that information is obtained directly by our expert international local business credit reporting partners and not from the UK. Our multi lingual local partners are able to provide all reports in English including the bespoke investigated business credit reports. 

United Kingdom (UK) Company Registry Name 

UK Companies House 

United Kingdom (UK) Company Registry Address 

Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ 

Date Company Registry Established in United Kingdom (UK) 

The UK Company Register was established on 5th September 1844. 

Language(s) of United Kingdom (UK) Company Registry 

The UK Company Register is in English language only. 

Number of Company Registries in United Kingdom (UK) 

1 central register in United Kingdom (UK) but companies registered in 3 countries/regions are under local laws: 
England & Wales 
Northern Ireland 

Related Associations in United Kingdom (UK) 

Disqualified Directors Register 
Financial Services Register (Financial Conduct Authority) 

Regulation for United Kingdom (UK) Company Register 

Companies Act 2006 

Can you search companies online for free in United Kingdom (UK)? 

Yes, you can search for free at UK Company Registry. 

What information can I view for free at United Kingdom (UK) Company Registry 

United Kingdom (UK) Company Name 
United Kingdom (UK) Registered Office Address 
United Kingdom (UK) Company Status 
United Kingdom (UK) Company Type 
United Kingdom (UK) Date Incorporated 
United Kingdom (UK) Latest Accounts Date 
United Kingdom (UK) Next Accounts Due Date 
United Kingdom (UK) Latest Confirmation Statement 
United Kingdom (UK) Next Confirmation Statement Due Date 
United Kingdom (UK) Nature of Business 
United Kingdom (UK) Previous Company Names 
United Kingdom (UK) Directors 
United Kingdom (UK) Secretaries 
United Kingdom (UK) Persons with Significant Control 

Do you need to register / sign up at the United Kingdom (UK) Company Registry? 

No, you do not need to register at the UK Company Registry. 

Number of Registered Companies in United Kingdom (UK) 

Over 13,500,000 companies registered in United Kingdom (UK) 

Number of Officers in United Kingdom (UK) 

Over 45,000,000 Officers registered in United Kingdom (UK) 

How to Register / Incorporate a company in United Kingdom (UK)? 

You can register a company in United Kingdom (UK) through a United Kingdom (UK) company formation agent. 

Minimum share capital (private limited) in United Kingdom (UK) 

GBP 1 is minimum share capital in United Kingdom (UK) 

What is the Corporate tax rate in United Kingdom (UK)? 

20% is corporate tax rate in United Kingdom (UK) 

What is the VAT rate payable on sales to local customers in United Kingdom (UK)? 

20% is VAT rate in United Kingdom (UK) 

Types of Companies in United Kingdom (UK) 

CIC (community interest company) 
CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) 
Industrial and provident society: e.g. a co-operative (which does include Ltd. at the end of its name) or charity 
General partnership 
LLP (Limited liability partnership) 
SLP (Scottish limited partnership) 
LP (Limited partnership) 
Private Limited Companies (Ltd or Limited or Welsh Cyfyngedig (Cyf)) 
Private company limited by shares, The liability is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on the shares held by them. Its shares cannot be traded publicly. 
Private company limited by guarantee. The liability is limited to such amount as the members undertake to contribute to the assets of the company in the event of its being wound up. 
Public Limited Company (PLC or Welsh Cwmni Cyfyngedig Cyhoeddus (CCC)): Is a limited company whose shares may be traded publicly. Requires an authorized minimum share capital of £50,000; of which it must have allotted shares to the value of at least £50,000 and a minimum of 25% must be fully paid up prior to starting business. 
Unlimited company (or Welsh (cwmni) anghyfyngedig). There is no limit on the liability of its members. It is not a requirement under company law to add or state the word or designation Unlimited or its abbreviations (Unltd., or Ultd.) at the ending of its legal company name, and most such companies do not do so. Unlimited companies are exempted from filing accounts with the Registrar of Companies for public disclosure, subject to a few exceptions (unless the company was a qualified subsidiary or a parent of a limited company during the accounting period). 
Sole proprietorship (Sole traders) 

United Kingdom (UK) Company Documents Available 

United Kingdom (UK) Company Commercial Extract 
United Kingdom (UK) Certificate of Incorporation 
United Kingdom (UK) Certificate of Good Standing 
United Kingdom (UK) Appointments 
United Kingdom (UK) Annual Return/Confirmation Statements 
United Kingdom (UK) Memorandum of Association 
United Kingdom (UK) Tax Residence Certificate 
United Kingdom (UK) Certificate of Incumbency 

What are the Financial Regulatory Authorities in United Kingdom (UK)? 

Bank of England (BoE) 
Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) 
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) 
Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (PANEL) 
Financial Policy Committee (FPC) 
Financial Reporting Council (FRC) 

What are the Stock Exchanges in United Kingdom (UK)? 

London Stock Exchange (XLON) in London which was founded in 1571 

Can you order a United Kingdom Apostille Certificate? 

Yes, United Kingdom agreed to the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. Therefore, United Kingdom accepts the Apostille Certificate for United Kingdom Company Registry Search Documents in place of any further legalisation process. 
United Kingdom signed up to the Hague Convention on 24th January 1965. 
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