1. Costs - No Win No Fee! 

Having long standing relationships with all our overseas partners we have agreements to provide these services on a NO WIN NO FEE basis charging the agreed commission rate against monies recovered only. 

2. Coverage in Mongolia 

We cover all 21 provinces in Mongolia called aimags. Our local office is in Ulaanbaatar so we can recover debts throughout all of Mongolia. 

3. Local Experience 

Unlike many of our competitors all cases are handled by the local office or partner. 95% of the nation speaks Mongolian, however there is a variety of dialects. The local office speak the local languages, and can work in the debtor's native tongue. We understand the local cultures and know all the legal processes. These are reasons why Creditreform are the ideal people to help you in collecting debts from overseas. 

4. Statute of Limitation in Mongolia 

There are many special exemptions so whatever the age please contact us and we will advise if we can assist with your claim 
Search a country below for debt collection: 

How to Instruct Us 

We simply require the following details: 
Full name & address of the debtor 
All available contact details of the debtor i.e. contact name(s) / Tel / Mobile / Email(s) 
Amount owed (Invoice(s) or Statement will help) 
Or ask us to call you – just leave us your details: 

Mongolia Debt Collection – No Win No Fee 

Creditreform operates a global specialist International debt collections service. We have local offices and fully approved expert international debt collection agency partners in every country worldwide. All our International debt collection agency partners and offices operate on a No Win No Fee basis charging an agreed commission against monies recovered only. All our international offices and partners initiate the collection processes by sending the debtors a debt collection letter to introduce their involvement. 
Main reasons why a local country debt recovery agency is so important rather than trying to recover from a debt collection agency UK are as follows: 
The local International Debt collection Partners know: 
The local cultures 
The best methods of initiating debt recovery letters and processes 
The languages 
The laws 
Are in the same time zones 
Herewith details of our debt collection service Mongolia: 

Location of debt recovery office in Mongolia? 

Ulaanbaatar. All debt collection letters are sent by the local head office. 

Number of debt collection staff? 

Several staff. Each staff member is allocated a client and all their debt collection letters are personalised in order to effect the best response results from debtors. 

How long have you been operating a debt recovery service in Mongolia? 

We have been operating an Asia debt collection service on a no win no fee basis in Mongolia for over 10 years. Mongolia is included on our debt collection agency list

What type of debt collection services do you provide? Do you do commercial debt recovery (B2B) and consumer debt recovery (B2C)? 

We handle both Business to Business debt recovery cases and Business to Consumer debt collections cases. There is different content for business to business debt collection letter templates and business to consumer debt collection letters templates

Statue of Limitation in Mongolia? 

Mongolia civil litigation statute of limitations is a law that time limits a plaintiff’s right to bring a claim against a defendant. The statute of limitations in varies in Mongolia. Once a specified time period elapses then no action can be taken through the legal processes unless the plaintiff is able to prove exceptional circumstances. 

How EU (European Union) laws effect debt collection in Mongolia? 

EU has little effect in Mongolia. 
There is currently no Free Trade Agreement that have been signed or any ongoing negotiations between Mongolia and European Union. 

How many companies registries in Mongolia for businesses (i.e. UK has just 1 central registry)? 

There is 1 company registry in Mongolia which is called Mongolian State Registry Agency / General Authority of State Registration - УЛСЫН БҮРТГЭЛИЙН ЕРӨНХИЙ ГАЗАР located at Ulaanbaatar, Sukhbaatar district, 11th khoroo, Police street. 
We have access to Mongolia Company Registry searches to find out who further background information on all Mongolia companies. 

What is the debt collection process in Mongolia? 

Pre court collection services by debt recovery letter, email, telephone and site visits where necessary 

Average length of time to collect a debt? 

The average time taken to recover a Mongolia B2B debt collection case varies from case to case - it depends on the size, nature and age of the debt 

Can late payment fees / interest to be added to claims? 

Unfortunately late payment interest is not usually recoverable for Mongolia debt collection cases. 

Details on legal service / process in Mongolia? 

There are three court systems in Mongolia: 
Administrative Cases Courts 
These courts deal with matters relating to public law that are outside purely constitutional matters. The Administrative Cases Courts (ACCs) were first introduced piecemeal in some of the larger states in the late-nineteenth century with other reforms aimed at the administration of justice. Reviews were made by an independent body of all administrative acts affecting the citizenry. The main function of the ACC is to review the constitutionality of the entire range of administrative action, particularly where it encroaches on basic rights. The ACC of Mongolia was established by the State Great Hural in June 2004. The establishment of an independent ACC is an example of significant progress in the improvement of the national judicial system, thus securing and protecting human rights. They deal with the area of law concerned with disputes between the public authorities and individuals arising from the exercise of public authority, including citizens and legal persons. This is regulated by the Law on Administrative Procedure. Any disputes which arise from an administrative act and which may affect a person’s rights may be challenged before these courts. All areas of public life are covered: police, school regulations, roads, and the civil service. 
Constitutional Court 
Mongolia has followed the example of some other civil law countries and has established a constitutional court known as the Tsets. This court examines and settles constitutional disputes at the request of the Great Hural, the President, the Prime Minister, the Supreme Court, the General Prosecutor, on its own initiative, or on the basis of petitions received from citizens. Most of its work involves the latter and it receives around 150 petitions and requests a year. However, a substantial number of these do not fall within its jurisdiction and are transferred to the ordinary courts or other institutions. Most of the petitions that are considered concern human rights violations by state officials. For example, a recent case concerned the issue of whether the General Prosecutor breached the Constitution in the procedure adopted to investigate a complaint against a police officer. 
The nine judges of the Tsets panel are appointed by the Great Hural for a term of six years. Members must be at least forty years old and experienced in politics and law. At present, eight are lawyers and one is a geologist. Four are full-time and five are part-time members. Hearings are conducted before a panel of five. Decisions on the conformity of laws, decrees or international treaties with the Constitution must be submitted to the Great Hural for approval. If the approval is refused, the Tsets will reconsider with a full panel. The decision is then final and binding. Judgments of the Constitutional Court are published in the government gazette and the government newspaper. 
Some members of the legal community doubt the usefulness of having a separate court for constitutional matters and consider that its work would be better dealt with by the Supreme Court. 
The General Council of Courts 
In order to help ensure the independence of the judiciary, the General Council of Courts was created. It has twelve members: the Chief Justice, the General Prosecutor, the Minister of Justice, a secretary appointed by the President, two members appointed by the Supreme Court, two by the Ikh Khural, two representing the aimag and Capital City courts, and two representing the courts of first instance. 
The role of the Council includes submitting proposals to the Great Hural about the judiciary’s budget, personnel and court buildings, recommending candidates for appointment to the judiciary, organizing training courses for judges, and making rank and other additional payments to judges and court officials. 

Mongolia Business Credit Reports 

Creditreform provides over 88 million international business credit reports throughout Europe and 200 million international business credit reports worldwide. We provide freshly investigated Mongolia Credit Reports which can be done prior to trading to make sure the company you will be dealing with can meet the commitment or once the debt becomes overdue to ensure the debtor can meet the amount owed. 

Mongolia Skip Tracing Agents 

Creditreform’s debt collection company service also uses expert local Mongolia tracing agent services to locate any absconded debtor. This debtor tracing service is provided on a No Find No Fee basis only charging for a successful trace. 

Specialist Debt Recovery Experts 

There are many unique requirements to recovering international debts in all countries including Mongolia debt collection services which differ from the UK debt collection agency services and therefore it is very important that cases are handled directly by our expert international debt collection agencies and not from debt collectors UK. This method of international debt collection sets Creditreform aside from the competition who in many cases try and recover debts from a UK debt collector only. Using the local offices and partners enables us to achieve a far greater success rate and our No Win No Fee service together with competitive commission rates against monies recovered only ensures you get the best service. 

Sister Cities for Debt Collection in Darkhan 

Darkhan is a city located in Asia whose sister companies are: 
Kaposvár, Hungary 
Ulan-Ude, Russia 

Sister Cities for Debt Collection in Erdenet 

Erdenet is a city located in Asia whose sister companies are: 
Fairbanks, Alaska 
Ulan-Ude, Russia 

Sister Cities for Debt Collection in Ulaanbaatar 

Ulaanbaatar is a city located in Mongolia whose sister companies are: 
Irkutsk, Russia 
Miyakonojō, Miyazaki, Japan 
Namyangju, South Korea 
Ulan-Ude, Russia 

What is the legal system in Mongolia? 

The Mongolia legal system is based on Germanic civil law. 

Who are the main trading partners for Mongolia? 

The main import and export partners for China, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and USA

Which countries border Mongolia? 

Mongolia is a landlocked country in East Asia, bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south. 

What is the Supreme Court in Mongolia? 

The Supreme Courts for Mongolia are called 
Constitutional Court of Mongolia was established in 1992. 
The Supreme Court of Mongolia was established in 1927. 

Mongolia Debt Collection Agency FAQs 

1. How does a Debt collection agency in Mongolia recover overdue debts? 

The debt collection process is initiated by an introductory letter to your debtor stating the amount owed to you and informing them of our involvement. Letters are then followed up with emails and telephone calls. From our experience the most effective part of this process will be the outsourcing to a third party debt collection agency in Mongolia as the debtor now has to resolve the debt and can no longer hide or provide lame excuses. 

2. How long does the debt recovery agency in Mongolia take to process a case? 

The debt collection case will be processed immediately up receipt and a letter sent normally by email and post. You will receive an automated confirmation by return. 

3. What is the success rate for debt collection agencies in Mongolia? 

The success rate of the debt recovery case depends on a number of factors including the solvency of the debtor and whether the case has a legitimate dispute. Our aim is to recover every debt that is recoverable. 

4. Does the debt recovery agency in Mongolia operate a No Win No Fee debt collection? 

We take on all debt collection cases on No Win No Fee basis only charging the agreed commission against monies recovered. 

5. Why use a local debt recovery agency in Mongolia? 

The reasons for using a local Mongolia debt collection agency than processing from a different country is the debt collector in Mongolia speaks the local language, knows the local laws and operates in the same time zones. 

6. Are there any debts too old or too small for Mongolia debt collection? 

We will assess all debt cases, irrelevant of age and size and then advise the best processes to recover these through the Mongolia debt collector. 

7. How do I instruct the debt collectors in Mongolia? 

Instructing the debt collectors Mongolia is a simple process. You just email details of the debt, debtor and amount to be recovered and the case can be initiated. 

8. What evidence do I need to provide when instructing the Mongolia debt collector? 

When instructing the debt collector in Mongolia just provide copies of invoices/statements, debtor contact details and any relevant information you may have to assist with the recovery process. 

9. Who does the debtor pay? 

In general, the debt collector in Mongolia will request payments to be sent directly to the client but if not possible for any reasons will take payment directly. If payment is taken then cleared funds will be processed and sent to client straight away. 

10. Can I instruct multiple cases? 

You can send unlimited debt case instructions. Our systems will automate volume cases to meet your requirements. 

11. Can you trace debtors in Mongolia? 

Through our network of skip tracing agents we have an extremely high success rate of locating your absconded debtor. 

12. How long does the debt collection process take? 

On average the debt collections process takes 90 days to resolve an amicable debt recovery case. There are a number of factors that can delay this process but we will keep you informed every step of the way. 

13. What are my options if debt collection in Mongolia is not successful? 

If the debt recovery service is not successful, we will advise you of your options including legal actions. Please note no legal actions or other processes will be taken without prior instruction from you. 
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