To motivate directors to publish their accounts and reports for the public record timely, late filing fines were instituted in 1992. All businesses must annually submit their accounts and reports to Companies House, regardless of Large or little, private or public, trading or not trading. To avoid late account filing penalties- 
Recognize the deadline for filing your business's accounts and begin planning early. Small businesses should be aware that they can no longer file shortened accounts. 
Keep reminders. 
Avoid the chances of getting rejected. 
Some companies may be required to submit paper accounts, which take longer to complete than internet accounts. Companies House must carefully check paper accounts. Therefore, even if Companies House received your accounts on time, if you deliver accounts that don't comply with the pertinent legal requirements, Companies House will still fine you for late filing. Send paper accounts always far in advance of your deadline to avoid this. 
Filing your company accounts late can have serious consequences in the UK. Companies House, the government agency responsible for registering companies, requires all businesses to file their annual accounts on time. If they fail to do so, they may face penalties and other action from the Companies House. The most common penalty for filing your company's accounts late is a fine of up to £1500 per day for every day that you are late with filing. This applies if you submit your documents more than six months after the due date set by Companies House. In addition to this fine, Companies House may also take other actions, such as striking off the company from its register. This would mean that the business is no longer a legal entity and, therefore, cannot trade or enter into contracts. The directors may also be disqualified from acting as directors of any UK-registered companies in the future. 
There are some exceptions to these penalties if you have a valid reason for filing late. For example, if you can demonstrate that exceptional circumstances prevented you from submitting your accounts on time, then Companies House may reduce or waive the penalty imposed on you. However, it is important to remember that this discretion is at their discretion, and they will not automatically do so. 
Filing your company accounts late can be costly, but it can be avoided by ensuring you are aware of the deadlines set by Companies House and submitting your documents on time. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to file your accounts late, then it's important to contact Companies House as soon as possible and explain the circumstances. They can help by waiving or reducing any penalties imposed on you. Overall, filing company accounts late can have serious consequences in the UK. It's important to be aware of the deadlines set by Companies House and submit your documents on time to avoid any penalties or other action being taken against you. 
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