Please be advised that the Dominican Republic will be celebrating Juan Pablo Duarte Day on Monday 30th January 2022. 
Born in 1813, Juan Pablo Duarte Díez was one of the founding fathers of our country. 
The Dominican Republic gained independence from Spain in 1821 but had quickly come under Haitian control. In July 1838, Duarte and others established a secret nationalist society called 'La Trinitaria'. 'La Trinitaria' was a driving force in undermining Haitian occupation, leading to the liberation from Haiti in the Dominican War of Independence in 1844. 
His birthday is celebrated each year with a special mass at the Santa Bárbara Church in Santo Domingo, the church where he was baptised and his parental home has been a museum since 1967 and is a popular place to visit on his birthday 
Therefore, our Dominican Republic partner's offices will be closed on 30th January and we will resume operations on Tuesday 31st January 2023. 
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