Please be advised that the Dominican Republic will be celebrating its Restoration Day on Tuesday 16th August 2022. 
Restoration Day is known in Spanish as 'el día de la Restauración Dominicana', this holiday commemorates the start of the Dominican Restoration War on this day in 1863. In 1844, the Dominican Republic had regained independence from Haiti. For political and economic reasons, Pedro Santana, the then President of the Dominican Republic signed a pact with Spain in 1861 to revert the status of the Dominican Republic to that of a colony of Spain. 
On 16th August 1863, 15 men under the leadership of Santiago Rodríguez made a daring raid from the city of Dajabon and raised the Dominican flag on the Capotillo hill. This action, known as the 'Grito de Capotillo', was the beginning of the Dominican Restoration War which was fought until 1865 between nationalist Dominicans and Spain. 
The war ended when a decree of Queen Isabel II of Spain, on March 3rd, 1865, repealed the Dominican Republic's reinstatement to the Spanish Monarchy. The last Spanish troops left on July 15th, 1865. 
Therefore, our Dominican Republic partner’s offices will be closed on 16th August 2022 and we will resume operations on August 17th, 2022. 
If you need help with Debt Collection in the Dominican Republic or need any credit reports / company searches in the Dominican Republic please contact us. 
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