Our UK commercial debt collection processes are as follows: 

Pre Introductory Letter 

Before we commence a debt collection case we always carry our a debt pre-check to ensure they are still active/live and NOT dissolved, in Administration or liquidated. Establish the credit rating, financial assessment, any existing defaults/ county court judgments. This will provide us with valuable information on how to proceed with the collection process. 

Office/Owner Checks 

We also pre check the company directors/ principals to establish whether they have any involvements with other companies or a history of insolvencies, etc. Also will establish whether the debtor company has any associations with active, none active, dissolved or liquidated businesses that could affect the ability to meet its commitments. 

Initial introductory letter 

Once we have undertaken the above checks an initial introductory letter is sent stating our involvement in the case and how much is owed (including principal sum/debt collection fee and late payment interest). The increased claim often has the desired effect and results in the debtor contacting our office promptly to question the debt size. 

Next Step 

Following the response from debtors our collection processes continue to effect payment and resolve disputes or issues raised. Where possible we request payment be made directly to our clients but in the event a debtor wishes to pay through us we hold a separate client account to accept these payments. 

None Response 

If the debtor does not respond to our initial letter the dedicated account manager will then start a number or processes to communicate with the responsible person within the debtor’s company to establish when payment will be made or resolve any issues such as missing invoices, disputes, etc. 

Client Communication 

The client is kept informed every step of the way. It is important that all parties are made aware of what is happening and where the case is at every stage. This avoids unnecessary delays with settlements and misinformation. 

Unresolved Cases 

If a case, for what ever reason, is not resolved through our processes then there are a number of options available to the client such as litigation or mediation or both. We have a partner specialist law firm and mediation company who work very closely with the client to ensure only the best advice is provided at all times. 

Legal Procedures 

In the vent that we and our partners have been unable to resolve the case and legal action is required and recommended we will process and issues proceedings on behalf of the clients but only with their expressed consent. Costs will be full explained prior to any legal action being undertaken so there are no unforeseen payments to be made. In a non disputed successful action the majority of costs will be recovered from the debtor. 
If an action is likely to be defended the our specialist lawyers will provide and estimation of what the costs could amount to and how much is recoverable in a successfully action. 
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