1. International Business Credit Reports 

We provide quality international business credit reports for all countries worldwide. The reports contain all available upto date information. Creditreform provide risk analysis reports to the major financial institutions and banks. This means you can trade with confidence. 

2. What’s included in the report? 

Ownership & Management 
Financial Details (where available) 
Default Information 
Credit Scoring & Rating 
All reports are delivered in English 

3. Prices – Guernsey Business Credit Reports 

Normal delivery (by email): 7-10 working days = GBP 125 
Express delivery (by email): 5-7 working days = GBP 175 
Flash delivery (by email): 3-4 working days = GBP 225 

4. Delivery (Email) 

This is a simple to use service. Just complete the application form below providing details on the company required. Then select the delivery method and make payment via the fully secured payment process. The report will then be emailed upon completion. 
Order Company Credit Report

Normal Delivery (7-10 days)

Target Company Name: *
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Target Company address:
Additional Information:
Target Country *:


  • Price is subject to VAT where applicable (UK & Isle of Man customers only)
  • Delivery times shown are working / business days
The sample report shows the layout, data included and our credit assessment. 
Search a country below for credit reports: 

Guernsey Business Credit Report Services 

Creditreform operates a global specialist International Business credit report service. We have local offices and fully approved international risk analysis experts in every country worldwide. This enables us to provide expert up-to-date business credit report information on businesses anywhere in the world. 
Main reasons why our business credit reports are so important they enable clients to trade with confidence. 
The local International Company Search Partners are able to:  
Assess local businesses trading activities. 
Update information immediately if there are any changes. 
Give accurate feedback based on the local economies. 
Communicate effectively with businesses as they share the same time zones. 
Herewith details of our business credit reporting service in Guernsey: 

Location of company credit check service office(s) in Guernsey 

Business is being operated form our Birmingham office 

Number of Guernsey Company Check staff? 

10-12 staff 

How long have you been operating a Guernsey company search service? 

Over 50 years 

What type of business credit reports do you provide in Guernsey: 

Corporate business credit reports online and offline – Only offline reports 
Non limited business credit reports online and offline – Offline reports only 
Bespoke investigated business credit reports - Yes 

What are the business credit report delivery times in Guernsey? 

Instant Online business credit report - No 
Flash business credit report - 1  Working Days 
Express business credit report – 3 Working Days 
Normal business credit report – 5 Working Days 

How many company registries are there in Guernsey for businesses (i.e. UK has just 1 central registry)? 

Guernsey Registry, Market Building, PO Box 451, Fountain Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3GX 

Guernsey Economy: 

Currency: GBP pound 
Population: over 60,000 
The backbone of Guernsey's economy is, and has been for the last 30 years, it's internationally renowned financial services industry 

Main Trading Partners of Guernsey: 

United Kingdom, Jersey and Isle of Man are main trade partners for Guernsey. 

Do business credit reports contain negative information? 

Yes, the reports include negative information 

Do you provide consumer credit reports in Guernsey? 

Available Upon Request 

Specialist Debt Recovery Service Guernsey No Win No Fee 

There are many unique requirements to international debt collection services in all countries including Guernsey debt collection services which differ from the UK debt collection agency services and therefore it is very important that cases are handled directly by our expert Guernsey debt collection agency and not from debt collectors UK. This method of Guernsey debt collection sets Creditreform aside from the competition who in many cases will operate an international debt collection service from a UK debt collector only. Using the local Guernsey debt collection agency enables us to achieve a far greater success rate and our No Win No Fee service together with competitive commission rates against monies recovered only ensures you get the best service. 

Guernsey Skip Tracing Service 

Creditreform’s debt collection company service also uses expert international tracing agents including Guernsey skip tracing agent services to locate any absconded debtor. This tracing service is provided on a No Find No Fee basis only charging for a successful trace. 
Specialist Business Credit Report Experts 
There are many unique requirements to providing international company search reports in all countries including Guernsey company search services which differ from Credit Reports UK services. Therefore it is very important that information is obtained directly by our expert international local company check partners and not from the company credit check report UK services. Our multi lingual local company search partners are able to provide all business credit reports in English including the bespoke investigated business credit reports. 

Guernsey Company Registry Name 

Guernsey Company Registry 

Guernsey Company Registry Address 

Market Building, PO Box 451, Fountain Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3GX 

Date Company Registry Established in Guernsey: 

The Guernsey Company Register was established in 2008. 

Language(s) of Guernsey Company Registry 

The Guernsey Company Register is in English language only. 

Number of Company Registries in Guernsey 

One central registry in St Peters Port 

Can you search companies online for free in Guernsey? 

Yes, you can search for free at Guernsey Company Registry. 

Regulation for Guernsey Company Register: 

Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 

What information can I view for free at Guernsey Company Registry: 

Guernsey Company Name 
Guernsey Previous Company Names – where available, including date to and from 
Guernsey Company Number 
Guernsey Date of Incorporation/ Date Registered 
Guernsey Company Type 
Guernsey Business Code 
Guernsey Company Status – Live 
Guernsey Registered Office Address 
Guernsey Share status 

What information is included in a Guernsey Company Profile / Extract? 

Guernsey Registered Number 
Guernsey Registered Name 
Guernsey Registered Date 
Guernsey Status 
Guernsey Entity Type 
Guernsey Liability Type 
Guernsey Economic Activity 
Guernsey Previous Names 
Guernsey Current and Previous Directors (Name, Address, Start Date) 
Guernsey Registered Agents 
Guernsey Filing History 

Do you need to register / sign up at the Guernsey Company Registry? 

Yes to order, obtain and download registered documents 

Number of Registered Companies in Guernsey 

There are over 73,000 companies registered in Gibraltar 

How to Register / Incorporate a company in Guernsey? 

You can register a company in Guernsey through the Registry or use a company formation agent to represent you. 

Average incorporation fee (private limited) in Guernsey: 

Incorporation - standard                         £100     Incorporated within 24 hours 
Incorporation - rapid                              £350     Incorporated within 2 hours 
Incorporation - special                           £750     Incorporated within 15 minutes - certain restrictions apply 
Incorporated Cell registration                 £100     Incorporated within 24 hours 
Company name reservation                   £25       Per company name. Reservation for 3 months. 

Minimum share capital (private limited) in Guernsey: 

GBP 1 is minimum share capital in Guernsey 

What is the Corporate tax rate in Guernsey? 

0% is corporate tax rate in Guernsey 

What is the VAT rate payable on sales to local customers in Guernsey? 

0% is VAT rate in Guernsey 

Types of Companies in Guernsey: 

Guernsey Private Company Limited by Shares. 
Guernsey Company Limited by Guarantee. 
Guernsey Exempt Private Company. 
Guernsey Exempt Investment Schemes. 
Guernsey Exempt Insurance Companies. 
Guernsey International Company. 
Guernsey Branch of Overseas Company. 
Guernsey General Partnership. 
Guernsey Limited Partnership. 
Guernsey Trusts. 
Guernsey International Trusts. 

Guernsey Company Documents Available: 

Guernsey Change of registered office address 
Guernsey Change of Directors 
Guernsey Special, waiver and unanimous resolutions 
Guernsey Change of Memorandum and/or Articles of Incorporation 
Guernsey Statement of the Register 
Guernsey Certificate of Good Standing 
Guernsey Copy Certificates 

Other Guernsey Company Registry Services: 

Guernsey Document Authentication Check 
Guernsey Image Right Search 
Guernsey Patent Search 
Guernsey Trade Mark Search 

What are the Financial Regulatory Authorities in Guernsey? 

Guernsey Financial Services Commission 

What are the Stock Exchanges in Guernsey? 

The International Stock Exchange (XCIE) in Guernsey which was founded in 2013 

Can you order a Guernsey Apostille Certificate? 

Yes, Guernsey agreed to the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. Therefore, Guernsey accepts the Apostille Certificate for Guernsey Company Registry Search Documents in place of any further legalisation process. 
Guernsey signed up to the Hague Convention on 24th February 1965, as a part of the United Kingdom. 

Guernsey Company Registry Search 

All local Guernsey Company searches can be under taken via our Guernsey Company Registry search. Where there is more than one Guernsey Company Registry an Guernsey company search will be made via a local Guernsey company registry search in the city where the company or business is registered. Many Guernsey company searches can be made on line but in some cases the Guernsey company search needs to search the local Guernsey company register in person, post or by email. Creditreform and it’s local company search partners undertake these services on behalf of our international clients. 

Guernsey Company Documents 

The Guernsey Company Registry hold all company documents on record and many of these can be downloaded instantly if you have registered with the Guernsey company registry. Alternatively you can order Guernsey company documents, company extracts or any registered document such as the Guernsey Memorandum of Association via Creditreform. Creditreform’ s local registered agent will then undertake an Guernsey company search on your behalf and we will forward the results via email. 

Guernsey Certificate of Good Standing 

The certificate of Good standing is issued by the local Guernsey company registry and in many cases can be downloaded by a registered company agent. Besides the Certificate of Good Standing other specific documents can be purchased such as the Guernsey Certificate of Incorporation or the Guernsey Memorandum of Association.. 

Guernsey Private Investigation Work 

There are many reasons for the need to use our Guernsey private investigator or Guernsey process server. We partner with fully approved local Guernsey private detectors who are experts in their field and provide our clients with a fully confidential service including Guernsey skip tracing and Guernsey document serving where required. 

Guernsey Company Formations 

There are many reasons why our clients need to use our Guernsey company formation services. Through our fully approved local Guernsey company registration agent the Guernsey company incorporation is made as simple as possible. We will undertake all the necessary Guernsey company searches to ensure the chosen name is available and guide you through the necessary documentation required to incorporate the company required. 

Guernsey Annual Validations 

Guernsey Annual Validations have not been available since 2021 due to a change in Company Law. The AV’s now contain sensitive information which is not available to the public. You can order a Statement of the Register for any entity through the Guernsey registry website which will give you up to date entity details. 
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