The European Order of Payment (EOP) intends to simplify, accelerate, and decrease the costs of a cross-border lawsuit concerning evident debts (European debt collection) within the EU. It involves a claim form, and the process is carried out by communication and is concluded within 2-3 months. The order is an effort by the EU to assure the citizens of all EU countries a speedy legal proceeding carried out through a form-based action. This ensures that the whole process is simplified and remove the need for expensive foreign lawyers. An EOP can be applied to almost any civil claim; however, it is applicable only for the European Payment Order which is precisely designed to work in international situations. 
Other than the European payment order, EU citizens can also follow their claims through already existing channels; nonetheless, the benefit of this order is that it can be submitted in different languages. In case the form is not filled correctly, or any more information is requisite, the court requests the applicant to take the required actions within a rational time limit. One more benefit of this order is there is no requirement to draw up an exequatur, meaning an EOP is inevitably enforceable in all EU nations. 
There are two procedures in this order, one is regarding invoices up to €2000, and the other one is for claims above €2000. The main difference between the two procedures is that in the first procedure of EOP, you can withdraw your claim. However, in the second procedure, if the defendant submits a defense, the case will then continue like all other cases, as per the procedures of the court. In that case, an oral hearing will take place. 
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