It is a legal requirement for Private Limited Companies in the UK to maintain a set of statutory registers, as per the Companies Act 2006, at its registered office or at a location where it can be inspected as and when required. Companies usually store it at their registered office. The companies are required to regularly update it and inform the Companies House of its whereabouts. This register contains detailed information about its members or shareholders, its directors, its secretaries, the Register of People with significant control and the Register of Charge. The directors or the secretaries are responsible for maintaining and safeguarding statutory registers and informing companies house of their whereabouts and any changes made. 
The register of members should contain details of all shareholders with their names and addresses and the number and class of shares held by each member and the amount paid or unpaid on each share, the date of membership of each shareholder and the date of cession of membership, if any. 
Register of directors should contain details of all the directors appointed with their names and surnames, date of birth, residential and service address, occupation, and nationality. 
Register of secretaries should contain details of all the secretaries appointed and those who have resigned with their names and surnames, their date of appointment and resignation, if any, their residential and service address. 
Register of charge providing details of all security or charge or floating charge on any property of the company for a loan taken along with certified copies of the charge instruments 
While a commercial register acts as protection, responsibility and control, a statistical register has the main part in a system of official economic statistics. Each nation's company register has unique registrar types, contents, purpose, and public accessibility. 
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