COVID-19 Light at the end of the tunnel (China Update) 
The country and the world is in turmoil as the Corona Virus takes hold and the future seems bleak. However, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully not in the too distant future. 
Herewith a message from our Creditreform office in China: 
After having had a very stressful period in China, during which the official New Year holidays were extended, people were asked to avoid contact, stay at home and even lock down of certain areas within the country, things got under control and measurements taken could be relaxed. In most areas in the country people went back to work and it almost is like 'business as usual’. There obviously is a backlog of orders and processed orders can’t be shipped, as the global transport planning still is disrupted, but China is almost back on its track. 
We, in China, can only hope (and help where possible) that all other countries manage to control this devastating disease and life can turn back to normal. 
Here at Creditreform we are here to help you get through these time and assist with your overdue accounts before they become bad debts. See our China debt Collection service page. 
For further details of our services please contact us at [email protected] or telephone on +44 121 442 5330. 
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